About Us

Fockers Platoon Logo

The Fockers Family was born out of pain and bloodshed; our fearless leader the Godfather TaZZZaT brought together men of varying origins, skills and personalities. Together we fought ruthlessly every day on Battlefield 3, day in, day out. To this day there are over 150 members. We value honesty, respect and good sportsmanship.

Members Code
We expect a certain level of maturity between members, we’re all adults and this is an adults group so respect all other members. We run a Facebook fan page, this has the inherent issue of privacy; we do not tolerate members violating other members private space, do not seek out to uncover private information. If the other party members wishes to share information with you that is their prerogative. Above all else, respect other people; we can tolerate each other however we have a public image of being a respectable group and it is well earned through everyone’s efforts.